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Credit Debt Settlement Program Eliminates Monetary Obligation Without Filling For Bankruptcy

Credit Card Debt Settlement is a program for consumers who are deep in debt and cannot pay their bills.
When paired with the right debt settlement company, they can negotiate and reduce your outstanding debt by up to 80% of the total amount of money you owe. In the end, the creditors will write off your remaining balance, helping consumers become debt free quickly and stop all collection activity.


Debt Settlement Advice: Get Answers to Important Questions...

The first and most important step is to get a free credit debt analysis and consultation. Our professional debt counselors are ready to listen, understand and offer a no obligation solution to your situation.
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Reduce Debt  Which debt relief program is best for you.

Reduce Debt  What is the best short and long term approach for becoming debt free.

Reduce Debt  What would be the best and quickest way for you to reach your goals.

Reduce Debt  How much money can you save and how fast can your debt be eliminated.

Reduce Debt  Obtain a free budget analysis.

Reduce Debt  See if you qualify for a special free credit restoration with the completed program.


A Piece of Mind and Guaranteed Results...

Are you looking for a company that you can trust to give you piece of mind and guarantee it in writing?
A company with a proven track record, accreditations and the highest consumer rating...
Since 2000, we have been providing honest and caring help to all consumers in need of debt relief. As a certified member of TASC (The Association of Debt Settlement Companies) all clients receive the best service and results. As a client you will get...

Reduce Debt  GUARANTEE in Writing
Stop Collection
  Incredible Savings (up to 80%)
Avoid Bankruptcy
  A contact point for all creditor communications, calls, etc.
Become Debt Free
  Direct contact with Negotiators and Professional Advisors

Reduce Debt  A Member of US Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) with excellent standing


Credit Debt Settlement Can Help You...

Reduce Debt  Drastically Reduce Your Debt
Stop Collection
  Stop Creditor and Collection Calls
Avoid Bankruptcy
  Avoid Bankruptcy
Become Debt Free
  Become Debt Free
Financial Hardship Relief  Relieve You from Financial Hardships
Avoid Legal Action
  Avoid Legal Action from Creditors
Lower Payments
  Lower Your Payments
Low Monthly Payment
  Have One Low Monthly Payment

Debt Settlement: A Better Alternative to Consolidation or Bankruptcy

With a Consolidation or Credit Counseling program your credit card and loan balances are not reduced. You still pay interest in addition to what you owe, and on an average, it takes as long as 5 to 7 years to pay off your unsecured debt. In most cases the interest rate you pay is only reduced slightly.


Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years and can affect your credit score by 200-250 points. There are other consequences like chances of losing your home or car, wherein your assets are sold off to pay your creditors.


With credit debt settlement, you could reduce your credit card and unsecured debt by up to 80% while enjoying the convenience of one low interest free monthly payment. Once the creditors except the settlements, the amounts you owe are paid in full and you can start rebuilding your credit.


To Qualify for Debt Settlement Credit Debt: How To Qualify

Credit debt settlement negotiation services are provided in the US and Puerto Rico. The total amount of your Unsecured Debt must be at least $10,000

Unsecured Debts Include:

Credit Card Debt  Credit Card Debt
Department Store Cards
  Department Store Cards
Medical / Hospital Bills
  Medical / Hospital Bills
Oil / Gas Credit Cards
  Oil / Gas Credit Cards
Personal Loans  Personal Loans (Unsecured)
Overdue Rent  Overdue Rent
Repossessed Autos
  Autos (Repossessed)
Local Merchants
  Local Merchants
Utility Bills
  Past Due Utility Bills
The Following Are NOT Eligible:
Student Loans  Student Loans
Mortgage Payments
  Mortgage Payments
Car Payments
  Car Payments
Secured Loans  Secured Loans
 Income Tax Payments
  Income Tax Payments

For consumers who are burdened with huge amount of money owed, a debt settlement negotiation program is a solving method with the main purpose of reducing the pay off amount to resolve the outstanding balances.


There are many benefits of using a credit debt settlement solution.

First: The consumer will be able to relieve themselves from financial hardships. The creditors will stop disturbing them with nonstop phone calls and reminder letters. There is no more risk of legal action being taken by the creditors as well.


Secondly: Consumers are in fact standing at a better financial position. Through the negotiation process with the creditors, the consumers are able to settle their debt by paying a much lesser amount of the actual debt. A good debt settlement company can assist their clients to save about 40% to 80% of their money.


Thirdly: There is definitely great news for consumers as they can improve their credit history through debt settlement. They can actually delete the negative information on their credit reports with the consent of the creditors. This can be done through negotiation. The credit report will no longer show an open delinquent balance after the credit debt settlement is done, which helps to minimize the credit damage.


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